Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Reply to our petition from CINTAA, Mumbai

Here is a reply we received from CINTAA, Mumbai on 12 Nov. 2014

CINTAA/ GEN/         /2014                                                                                                8.11.2014

Mr. Yousuf Saeed,

Dear Sir,

We would like to emphasize the fact the CINTAA is a Trade Union Registered under Trade Union Act 1926 and functioning as such since 1958 and is committed to act in the best interest of its Members and same is being implemented by it. CINTAA believes that an art can not be restrictive in nature, however at the same time, CINTAA as a responsible registered body has to ensure that Indian laws as applicable must be strictly adhered to. Since it is clear that any overseas artistes including artistes coming from Pakistan to act in Indian Film  & TV Industry mandatorily requires E-Visa and anyone found acting contrary to the said requirement is liable to be appropriately dealt with including being restrained / prevented taking up acting assignment in India.

Apart from this it is also required that Income derived from acting assignments in India is liable to payment of Income Tax as applicable and failure to do so invites severe consequences.

Even after obtaining  E-Visa, such overseas artistes have to get themselves registered with the concerned Association (which is required norm & practice as per Memorandum of  Understanding signed by the Producer bodies with Federation of Western India Cine Employees representing 22 crafts associated with Film & TV Serial Production).

One of the prime example of an Artiste from Pakistan namely Mr. Ali Zafar has been working in Indian Film & TV Industry after having obtained e-visa and getting himself registered as member of CINTAA. Ms Katrina Kaif an artiste from U.K. is another example . This fact expressly shows that CINTAA is not against any overseas artiste taking acting assignment in India including Pakistan.

We reiterate & like to clarify the misunderstanding/confusion sought to be created while understanding/interpreting the views expressed by it pertaining to foreign artistes, especially from Pakistan.

CINTAA at no point of time has been against participation of foreign artistes including Pakistan. However, it is emphasised that all such artistes must adhere to laws of the country especially the requirement of E-visa for working in Indian Film & T.V Industry. Act of foreign artistes including artistes from Pakistan who are not holding E-visa becomes not only totally illegal & unauthorised but at the same time also jeopardises Indian artistes rights & entitlement to work in Film & T.V Industry.

CINTAA though does not subscribe to the view that foreign artistes should not be allowed to work in Indian Film & T.V Industry but the same time being a responsible association would like to ensure that no artistes including from Pakistan are allowed to work in Indian Film & T.V Industry without they complying with Govt of India rules & regulations pertaining to taking up employment. There is no jingoistic attitude adopted by CINTAA nor its action could be said to be result of ongoing border disputes between India & Pakistan.

With Regards,

For & on behalf of CINTAA Executive Committee.

(Gajendra Chauhan)

Cine &TV Artistes’ Association (CINTAA)
221,Kartik Complex, 2nd Flr.,
Opp.Laxmi Ind. Estate, New Link Rd.,
Andheri (W), Mumbai- 400 053.
Tel. # 26730511/13

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